Ulcer Island

by Buckshot Facelift

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Sludgewave Seamless flow and execution of many different subgenres. Favorite track: Czech Yourself.
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TheChairman This album absolutely blew my freaking mind. The amount of different genres that these guys dabble into while still producing a relentless attack on your brain is incredible. I love how they use punk riffs that then turn right into a death metal riff, and in such a classy way. I love when extreme bands experiment with several extreme genres at one time. This album is a must own

P.S. The vocals are some of the best I've ever heard Favorite track: OxyDocs.
Scott Eck
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Scott Eck Really hits the nail on your head! They masterfully jam many genres in the blender and press grind. Favorite track: Ascend to Descend.
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Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Keith Moore at Audio Playground in Kinderhook NY, July-December 2016

Produced by Buckshot Facelift and Keith Moore

All music by Buckshot Facelift

Released by Paragon Records 2017

Guest vocals on “Sundress Skeletor” by King Fowley of Deceased

Cover art and layout by Travis Smith


released April 14, 2017

Buckshot Facelift is:
W. Smith / “The Voice”
Tom Anderer / Bass, Vocals
Sal Gregory / Drums
Rick Habeeb / Guitar, Vocals
Terrell Grannum / Guitar, Vocals



all rights reserved


Buckshot Facelift Huntington, New York

Buckshot Facelift. The splendors of earthly indulgence to the depths of human depravity. The wine, feces, women and cripples that make our days. The love, the violence, the regrets and the endless flaking dreams. The Grindcore of dying, vane American gods. We fight, we bleed, we work, we die. Here is our fucking music. ... more

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Track Name: Ulcer Island
In the name of a sinking island, a sandbar off the shore
In the name of a torn up country, at the heart of its rotted core

This is my home
Welcome to Ulcer Island, there is no return

The druggies dying where it’s dark inside
Their bodies rotting when it’s hot inside
And when they inject them with formaldehyde
It’s the last injection of the ride

Bathe in tainted water
The flavor of a filthy fecal vermin as it writhes on the floor
spewing pus and vomit from a gaping throat wound

It’s almost over now
Track Name: Czech Yourself
Just Czech yourself
Track Name: Afterbirth Puzzle 2016
How long must I wait?
Fuck your fucking puzzle
Track Name: Ascend to Descend
Ascend to Descend (lyrics Fergus)

Experience the new air
As you rise
From a delusional slumber
The cycle of life
Try to notice the subtle changes
Surroundings differ slightly
But now you’re alone, uncovered
Vulnerable, unsightly
Hiding is futile
Your shell is weak

Ascend to descend

Don’t resist the urge
Insist on the end
The beginning never existed
You disappear
A buffet for the insects
The water extends
To rise into catastrophe
Ascend to descend
Observed by “beings” advanced
Melting into the grounds of where you came
Unexcused absence of hope

(as you) Ascend to Descend
Track Name: Burn the Baby Raper
You son of a bitch
You get what you’re worth
Track Name: OxyDocs
Oxy Doctors!

It’s all for the cash
Selling those pills
Got your own stash
“Doctor” those bills

Oxy Doctors!

Think you got it made
Pimp that Medicaid
Fill addicts with drugs
You even middleman to thugs

No shame when caught, you rat (Oxy Doctors)
When blamed, you fought the facts (Oxy Doctors)
You took an oath to help (Oxy Doctors)
That’s why you’re worse than cartels (Oxy Doctors)

“What a waste of school!”
Track Name: Sundress Skeletor
Sundress Skeletor - She rattles when she walks
Sundress Skeletor - I watch her all the way
Sundress Skeletor - She got her eyes on me
Sundress Skeletor - They’re dripping gore

I want more – drop it to the floor

Sundress Skeletor - All her teeth are falling out
Sundress Skeletor - Liquor breath and fleas
Sundress Skeletor - Showed me what it’s all about
Sundress Skeletor - Had me begging please

On my knees, every time I felt her, a little less to squeeze

“Shake those bones!”

Sundress Skeletor - You made a wrong turn
Sundress Skeletor - “Fiend!”
Sundress Skeletor - So let the rope burn

What she does for money you wouldn’t even dream
Track Name: Comptroller Cult
Caught with your pants down
Caught – you’ve been busted for the last time

Comptroller cult – toxic waste at the park
Comptroller cult – get that money, greedy shark
Comptroller cult – That’s why your schools are going broke
Comptroller cult – county government – what a joke

An envious man, an ending in hand
A debt to his hand you can’t settle with land
Not drugs, not women
Not cash or fame either

He just wants to make you die a believer

Believing in what? Believing in matter.
Believing in something kills you much faster

One to the Bride
One to the Groom
One to the ground
One to the hole
Track Name: What Does Fergus Dream Of?
Fields of screaming pedophiles
And the dogs who eat their genitals
As they lick blood from their whiskers
Yes, Fergus salute their deeds

Early morning mist
The frost collecting on corpses
The voices from dreams that grow inside my head
Can see inside the minds of men

Dark, exotic lustful women
Dark, exotic booze

All along the memory has been enshrouded by the
Fog that clouded sensory and parted with my bodies entity
Welcome to the Mastic zoo
Now you do what we ask of you

Peace, man – peace of mind
Peace, man – this piece of mine
Peace – there is no peace

When a piece is missing from mine
Don’t wake me, I need to sleep – let’s go!
Bitter dreams of darkness – walking death
Littered streams with garbage – Fergus sleeps
Sisters fiend for narc trips – walking death
(at the) Bottom of the tar pits – Fergus sleeps
Track Name: Don't Hang From the Pipes
He never saw it coming and neither did I
But I could tell it was true by the distance in his eyes

Call it deception, call it a lie
Call it what you want but the truth is that he died

All good men go down to die!


Hit the deck
When you get this infection embedded you get it to go
Track Name: Weathered Mask of Autumn (Unearthing the Armless)
A face torn
A face beyond what is seen
A face burned
A face beyond what you know
Beyond what’s felt
Beyond what’s real
Beyond what’s held

I don’t want to see it
I don’t want to feel it
I don’t want it so close
I don’t want to know that it’s real

And something I could not grasp
And in fact leads me to my doom
Stares into your depths
Knows your weak points
Cloud, vapor
Trail, mist
Chemical extract while planes piss
Track Name: Delusions of a New Age
Delusions of a New age
They’ve emptied the stage
The actors are gone now
No one to turn the page

The dogs shall inherit
What’s left of the Earth
Unmasked – the new master has given birth

Our time is done – Go!

Barking of the welcome
Time melting, wasting out
Barking instead of laughter, instead of whining
Instead of fear

Demiser of the hereafter, of the destruction, of the grey skies

Suffer torture to the ever infinity
Learn lectured how to be, you will in time to see
Surroundings grow to be electric currency
Give up, you’ve failed, as you gasp for air
Barking as you gasp for air
Surroundings grow electric
Comfort zone lined with coals
Return to the natural state

Your suffering without end completes the comedy
Give up, you have failed, infinite everlasting

Good luck – You don’t deserve it
Track Name: Dustification (End Times version)
End times for the final time
When flesh becomes dust
Lying again to all – parasitic mite
Easy to pulverize humanity

Rats in a maze
Lying again to all – parasitic race

Parade of flies, buffet for insects
Contact the wraith
Pyramids, antennas
Watch them return

Some caught up in the aftermath
Snuffed out on a dime

Plus, entitlement was thought about
(Parade of flies / Parasitic mite)
Track Name: A Trophy Cup Intoxicant
(From 80 to 83, fiend)

My career was put on ice
My worst year was nothing nice

Nassau – a false hope fed by politicians

That they will restore the coliseum

“I can’t see why we need them
If they don’t want to stay here
Let them leave.
Chewed and spit out old has-beens
On losing streaks – they’re done.”

Trust in local leaders lost in time
Greed – envious of what is mine
A trophy, a trophy in its own right
Empty crumbled garbage on Hempstead turnpike

Stench of stale beer
What am I doing?
Woke up by cops
Pants soaked in piss
All that I remember is the train that I missed